January 13th, 2005



Well, I'm more tired than bored.

Couldn't sleep last night - finally nodded off about 5am and woke fresh as a freaking daisy 8am. Tried texting IG2, but he wasn't answering. I didn't think he would be - there's a rather serious fire going on in the Eyre Pennisula where his extended family lives. So far an aunt and uncle of his have lost their home, and his grandfather is still down there.

(And aside if you will indulge me: There's a wee bit of bitterness going around the state with this fire. Apparently it's one of the worst fires in 100years. People are wondering if the Australian government is going to help out. Or if they only help other countries. The PM has promised about 1 Billion dollars to help with rebuilding after the Tsunami. Nine people have died - at least one entire family with small children are among that number. And while it is nowhere near as horrific as what happened in Asia, our fellow Australians need some help right now.)

So I had nothing to do but lie in bed and wish I was asleep. Blah. I really shouldn't have started smoking again - that's whats behind the insomina. I know I've only been smoking again for about a month or so, but the last time I gave up I didn't sleep for three days. I was as crook as Rookwood (Bonus points to anyone who understands that bit of slang) then, with shakes and everything. At least all I have this time is a cough, dry mouth, phlegm and no sleep.

To all those who smoke - don't bother giving up. Let's face it; you're gonna die of something anyway. May as well do it on your own terms. Giving up sucks.

The Australian Tennis draw comes out tomorrow which is way exciting. I shall be there next week! Yayness!!
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Ray pleases me

The stupidity in this little tale is all true

This was said by my friend Shellio yesterday, who couldn't understand why I began to laugh in an uproarious manner. And then she told me to stop laughing, cause I was being silly

Every Wednesday night a group of us usually go to the local RSL club for dinner. It's a good meal, good company and there are door prizes and chook raffles and the like. We have fun.

So we've made plans to go, and then we find out it's seafood night. None of us are huge fans of fish and other things sea-ishly edible. Partly because we don't like the taste, and partly because being so far from the sea ya just don't want to risk some things. So one by one we decide not to go.

Shellio rings her partner to let him know. This is what she says to him.

"Hey Babe, we're not going to the club now. Because it's seafood night. So I thought we should go to the takeaway and get fish and chips instead."

Please, tell me I'm not the only person who sees how wrong that is.