January 9th, 2005

by Crunkette - Lancelot

Friday Night

I was house-sitting on Friday night, and just sat around watching some DVDs. As most would know from a previous post, IG2 was supposed to come around and watch them with me, but he got a better offer, and fobbed me off had to change the plans.

I ended up calling a friend of mine who has known me forever, and thus knows all my sexual history. I told her what was the latest with IG2 and firstly she said all the right things: The entire state she lives in now hates IG2 and he is banned from entering the area. She offered to call him and tear him a new one. She offered to tear me a new one for getting upset over the matter. She asked me if I was in love or just lust with the boy, and remined me I do have a nasty habit of falling for impossible boys. She made me laugh, and think properly on the matter and afterwards I felt a lot better.

Anyway, around 1am I went to bed. At one-thirty my phone beeped to let me know a had a text message. It was IG2. He said he was a wee bit drunk, but if I was okay with it, he would like to still come around.

And I said he could. He came around, we had a coffee and watched some SpongeBob SquarePants (It's my favourite cartoon. Don't judge me.) and watched another movie. I had a smoke or two, and I introduced IG2 to the dog. Dog and IG2 got along famously. They wrestled on the living room floor. And I know why I've been smoking again - it keeps my hands distracted from the pretty boy.

He ended up staying until morning. We sat out the back with the dog and had a few smokes and talked about things we've done in our past, and what we do at work, and all the usual "This is me" stuff. At 0615am he decided it was time to go home. I walked him out the front and he grabbed his shoes from beside the door and walked outside. A lady who works with us but on a different shift and is a terrible gossip was pulling out of her driveway. Did she see IG2 leaving the house? I hear you ask. Well, considering IG2 waved at her and she waved back I'm going to guess that she did. I'm sure the rumour mill will love this, and I do have to wonder what the boy was thinking. Afterall, only days before he said the whole work thing was something that concerned him.

And when you take into account the text message he sent me when he got back to his house "I'm home. Thank you for the really good company. And sorry for keeping you up all night. PS I didn't really want to leave."

I am so confused now. Instead of calling him and asking what was what I really should have gone with my first plan and gotten us both rip-roaring drunk and jumped him.