January 1st, 2005

My Tree thanks to slodwick


It's about 20 minutes past midnight here, so here's to a great (or at least better) 2005

I have done more jelly shots than I really should have (but my spelling hasn't seemed to have suffered from it.)

jelly shots are nice. But maybe I should wait until the morning to say that.....

Also, punch with vodka and champers and some other alcohol is also nice.

I am drunksky.

Going to bed, so I can go to the morning after party now.

Have fun all you who are not yet in the new year.
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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Am alive and well

Despite the numerous jelly shots and punch and midori and lemonades I consumed I have awoke with no sign of a hangover whatsoever. My breakfast of powerade, chicken chips and nachos may seem like a hangover breakfast, but they were the only things I had on hand to eat this morning.

No headache. No vomiting. No dizziness. No battles against the evil force of gravity.

This shall be a good year.