October 20th, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick

More photos!

My roster is such that I'm back working weekends, which means that there be no managers around the traps. So, the stereos come out, the volume gets turned up, and we do The Nutbush in the corridoor. If you ever want a quick and intense workout, do that dance in steel cap boots. Trust me on that.

And last weekend I took my camera to work to take some photos of my lab (well, I call it my lab. As 'refinery chick' most of my work is confined to one room, and since no one else uses that room - other than the lady I'm opposite - I call it my lab. It makes me sound special?.) I'll put them up tonight, but they'll be friendslocked, as I'm unsure of the protocol of displaying photos of a working minesite. As much as I hate it, I'd rather not lose my job, thanks all the same.

But, as a teaser, I give you a photo of me.....
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