September 19th, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick

Tuesdays Challenge

So I declared at the end of work today that tomorrow I wasn't going to swear once. Goth scoffed at my bold statement and said it wasn't possible, and after a moments thought I realised that yeah, me not swearing was just a pipe dream. So, I came up with a challenge. I'm calling it:

The 1950's movie Day.

It's simple - you can swear, but you have to swear as if you're starring in a 1950's movie. So you can say Blast, Dagnabit!, Cripes! and Fooey Special dispensation for the words Poo, Bollocks and Lick me

It should be interesting. I think I'm up for it - we're talking about 12 hours on a minesite with no four letter words that would carry a warning on prime-time television - but it might get dicey. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And on an unrelated note, there's this show on the ABC right now that's a British mini-series (I think) and it's starring Robert Vaughn as an American con artist. I think I may have a tiny squee - he's being so rakish and devilish.