August 7th, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick

A Boy Update

There has been so much action (well, I like to think of it as 'action'. Most people would more than likely call it 'stagnation in over-drive') that I do not know where to begin.
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I'm even thinking of asking him out. Which is not something I've ever done. I don't know if it's just the towns I've lived in or if it's an Australian thing, but going on a date isn't really something that's done. You go to the pub, meet up with someone, go home with them. And if you still like them in the morning, you progress from there. (I remember reading a survey once Australian's are most likely to have sex on the first date. But apparently we're the worst at the actual sex thing.)

But the asking out will take more bravery than I have at my disposal. And, I still don't know if he's got a partner or not yet. Or if he's even really interested. I might just wait and see how the saying “Hi” goes for a little bit longer.