July 17th, 2004


Looking for a job...

Still looking for a new job. I'm signed up to all these employment web sites that send you jobs that fit your critera, and it's amazing what comes under the "Lab Technician" Umbrealla. A jobs well a job title - caught my eye today.


So being the nosey parker I am, I went and checked it out further.

Essential: Minimum High School Certificate; Good Communication skills; Completion of 12 months training for Apprentice Artificial Eye Maker or Dental Technician.
Desirable: Previous experience as an artificial eye maker; Medical terminology; Laboratory Experience.

How on earth do you get to be an Apprentice to an Artifical Eye Maker? And what's the connection between Artifical Eye Making and Dental Work? Have I been wrong all these years - is the eye bone connected to the jaw bone? And the hip bone is connected to the arm bone?

I'm just baffled by this. I cannont imagine who would want to make eyes? When someone is five, do y'think instead of wanting to be a fireman, they're wishing to be eye-making??

What an interesting sounding job that would be. I wish I had eye making experience.
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The Symbol of Australia...

In my local post office there are these, well, strange, weird-arse postcards. It looks like a kangaroo and wedge-tail eagle, but upon closer inspection the kangaroo is dead. Roadkill in fact. And the eagle -? It's feeding on the carcass.

I'm dying to send these to people, so anyone interested? 'Cause really, there's no point in sending roadkill postcards to other Australians (unless any Australians so wish to see this)

I'd also love to put incredibly weird quotes on the back - say, something from Syliva Plath or TS Eliot - or quotes from movies and televsion shows that are no way related to the picture. Just so I can imagine the looks on the poor postal workers faces ('cause they'd read 'em. That's the whole point of postcards! It's legalised voyerism at it's best!)

For those not interested in dead animals, they do have lovely postcards of native flora. I could send you one of those instead.

So if you're interested (or if you have a friend who you think would get a kick getting artful pictures of Australian road-kill) just throw up your hand. I'll grab your address off you once I've grabbed the postcards.
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