July 16th, 2004

Bad Day from faula

Damn Old Age!!

I swear, I can't afford to get old thanks to the way superannuation forms are written.

I'm trying to roll-over money from one super fund to another (mostly 'cause it will make it easier when I'm older and greyer and a lot mostly because money in one fund from a job a left 4 years ago is sitting around doing nothing. It should belike me - working. Work money! Work! I need you to support my inernet and slash zine addiction when I no longer have a disposable income!!) and the paper work is just so frickin' hard.

I'm thinking the two companies have got different names for the same thing. One form is asking for a Rollover Fund SFN and I can't find it anywhere - though the other form does have a PFS number. Which is kinda the same. But not really.

And then the form is asking for an account number. Now, I've got a member number for the other, but nothing that actually states for the stupid that this is your account number.

It's driving me insane. Both these places have my tax file number, my date of birth, my mothers maiden name blah blah blah. Why isn't it possible to just ring up, quote those things and then have the money transferred? It's not like I can touch the money for another thirty-two years - I think thats worth repeating. It's my money. Some faceless bastard won't let me touch it for 32 years. While politicians can crack theirs the day they leave government - so why can't they make it easy. It's not like I'm planning to steal the money. It just want the money together in one handy not-easy-to-reach spot.

None of you guys are accountants are you? 'Cause if you are I could do with some hand-holding and being talked through this in words of only one syllable. Otherwise I'm going to have to ring the un-helpful line.
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