May 17th, 2004

Life. Love. Arithmatic

Spam I Am

What is it about watching kids television that makes rainy days all the more glorious??

Watching Play School at the mo'. Yay for Noni! Thought I shall always miss Bettina. I am hanging out for the Windows.. I have always loved the Arch.

It always amuses me that I have this handbag (a handbag that has never left Australia) that contains 3 condoms, 1000 Lira, 3 one dollar coins and a five pound note. Whenever I open this handbag I always wonder what was going through my mind when I put those things in there. Was I expecting a huge and risque night out which would end in me having to call either my Mum or my Embassy to come bail me out of jail? Who knows how my brain works sometimes. I'm sure at the time it made sense, and who I am to question.

I am certain though that if I were to take any of those items out, that would be the night that after too many cocksucking cowboys I shall be seduced and kidnapped, only to wake in either Italy or England. And so to sae myself the embarrassment or having to beg for phone money I shall leave the money untouched.
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