April 12th, 2004

Bad Day from faula

Give me sleep or give me death!

Okay, that was a tad melodramatic.

It's 0330 and I can't sleep. How frickin' unusual for me. I really wish I was sleeping, as I found a message on my phone about 1600 asking me to do an extra night sihft tonight. Feeling snarky about being asked to do yet another one, I declined to return the call. And if anyone asks, I Didn't Receive The Message At All.

Well, technically, I wouldn't have if I wasn't hoping anyone would ring me. No one calls these days. I've moved into the house with 2 cats and a deaf dog for a week of house sitting, and I no one knows that number and I refuse to give work my cell phone number on the principle that I need to have a life outside work. I only give that number to people I like.

So yeah, if I hadn't been all indignent about being asked again to work nights, and annoyed that they wait until 1600 to ask you to come in at 1900 for a 12 hour shift I may have gone in. This is so frustrating; that have this "fitness for work" policy that not only covers drugs and alcohol, but also tiredness. Theorectically, if you're too tired to come into work - either from a sick child, or neighbours having a rowdy party until an hour before you are supposed to get up, or you're just not sleeping, they would like you to call in and have the night/day off. Theoretically. Can you imagine how much ca-ca you would be in if you rang up and said "Not coming in tonight, I'm a bit tired."??? To quote a TV ad:"I'd like to see that."

So here I am, still awake. I have this great fear I may have to cut back on the diet coke, or at the very least go to the decaf diet coke (why not just call it Funny Tasting Brown Water and be done with it??). I'm down to only 2 chocolate covered coffee beans a day (and I make sure if I'm going to have one it's before noon so it will wear off before bed), and I'm walking a dog - an incredibly strong dog with no sense of well-being or safety - so I do feel tired. But I can't sleep.

I am really hating all those night shifts I've done now.

There is one sleeping tablet I know that would knock me out, and not give me the crappy side effect of feeling hungover, but thanks to the Pan Pharmeceutical debacle last year they won't be making those until they've finished re-fitting the factory. In July. And the herbal ones? Blech - they smell like a room after seven 12 year old boys have had a sleepover. And taste about the same.

It's also probably not helping that one of the cats is a bed hog. How is it a cat, a normal sized cat, needs 5/7's of a double bed? I am stuck with only what my body takes up. I'm hanging onto the side of the bed like no one's business.

I may have to resort to counting sheep. Hmm, maybe I should try counting Ezra's. Or Daniel's jumping Jack.
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