April 6th, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick

Am I that obvious???

So anyway... it was about 2 30 am. I was hard at work... okay, I was at work and the phone rings. Turns out it's the boyfriend of a friend of mine who is also on night shift. After we exchange pleasantries, he says "I hear you have Stargate on DVD." While it is not a secret, I haven't exactly advertised the fact, so I reply "Is my freaky love of Jack and Daniel common knowledge??"
"Yes," he say, "it is." "So could I borrow them?"
"Do you want them in chronological order?"
"May as well," says he.
"Although, the boxsets of 1 through to 3 are pretty crap; they haven't got any extras. The season 4 does."
"What sort of extras?? Pictures of Daniel naked?" He said that. Not I. Apparently my freaky love of Jack and Daniel IS common knowledge. :g: Nice to see that that first thing my hetreo friend said was nekkid Daniel - it got me through the rest of the night.
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