April 3rd, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick


Wedding was nice. The bride and groom both wore white (though he had a nifty red shirt on under the white tux) I scored 4 pieces of wedding icing - I mean cake. My friend J and I fought over the icing. We are both addicts for the stuff. I might even download some pics of the day for posperity. There's a lovely one of J and me with our gobs full of icing. So very adult of us.
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Just stuff

First up - the 97% fat free jatz are crap. Do not do your taste buds the disservice of eating them. Jatz need as much fat as possible to make them yummy.

I was at Mass tonight, and I was asked to participate in the Holy Thursday ceremony. This was such an honour, but I had to turn it down. For those not in the know, on Holy Thursdays they have the washing of the feet. They don't wash the entire community's feet, just a few people. Normally they pick highly relgious people, or people with high standing in the community to get this. And for some reason they asked me. Wow. I felt so humbled and privledged to be asked, but I'm just not comfortable with people touching my feet. I can't stand it at all. You can touch me anywhere else and I'm fine, but the soles of my feet :shudder: you ain't getting close. But I'll go and watch.

I was talking to some friends the other night at work and they're all trying to find me a man. I probably do need some help in that area, as I don't seem to be finding lovely single boys for myself. But like I told them, if I don't find someone, that's okay. And it really is. I am fine with being single. In this day and age, you really don't need someone else to 'be'. This concept was completely lost on all of them, so I shall sit back and do nothing while they find a nice young man for me to date.

One of them asked me, "But don't you ever miss that?"

My answer: I only miss not having a guy in my life for two reasons. One: I have to buy my own jewerly. Two: 3am noises. Whenever i have those horrible 3am noises that wake you up and need investigating (or have you hiding under the "blanket of steel") I have to get up and do it. And that's pretty much it. This is the electronic age. Everything else I can do by myself for myself. Not that another person in my life wouldn't be great, but I'm single for the rest of my life, so be it. It's not the end of the world.