April 1st, 2004

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Stargate question

Just thinking out loud...

Since Sam still has all of Jolinar's memories, does that mean if she were to have a child, the child would also have them? And since Jack held a symbiote (even though it wasn't for as long), he too could pass that knowledge on?

And since the worse thing ever is a Harsesis child, then the same could be said about a child born from people who have hosted Tok'Ra. It must be bad - otherwise the Tok'Ra would have been creating these children already. And we know from canon that even the Gou'ld's are against the concept of this - that's why Shar're was hidden to give birth.

So theoretically, wouldn't that mean that Jack and Sam can never get together so mankind can survive? That not only would it be against military regulations, the Tok'Ra would be against it too? Or would they just hope and pray Oma would steal this child away?

Again, just thinking. So if a J/S-shipper should read this I ain't trying to cause trouble. I'm just wondering if this is something that is possible.

Anyone got any answers??
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Streetwalker From Cycnus

Giggling like a 12 year old.

I was looking through this book on Australian slang and strine and I came across this one which sent me into a fit of "Carry on" giggles.

"To stiffen the lizard"


"To starve the lizard"

Amazingly - these are not euphemisms for getting an erection or not having sex. Which is weird, as the phrase "To choke the lizard" means to go to the toilet (if you're a mean). And as I am feeling naughty and cruel, I shan't be telling you what they are actually supposed to mean. Well, I will if anyone has a guess :g:
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