March 29th, 2004

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I am Consumed with Sex

As I've mentioned before here, I gave up sex for Lent. This included many many things under that banner, and I'm telling ya - this is the longest 40 days of my fricken' life. In another way, 'tis good. I've never had so many offers per say (of course I can't take them up but hey, ya can't have everything), and I am finding how sensual life can be. Even the wind can be kind enough to love you.

But I've digressed. I do that a lot.

I was thinking last night at work about sex scenes in books. The two most memorable (for me at least) are completely different. The first was in How Stella Got Her Groove Back When Stella first sleeps with Winston - the scene goes for about three pages. But the way she wrote it - it really grabbed me. No paragraphs, barely any full stops. It was breathless, and exciting, and it was like you were feeling through her skin. The second most memorable sex scene is the exact opposite. In one of the Stephanie Plum books she finally sleeps with Ranger. :sigh: From memory it's three sentences. Maybe even only two. And I gotta tell ya, they were elegant and concise and said much without saying anything. There was so much she could have said, but she knew her readers well enough to give them a hint of what Ranger :sigh: could do without ruining the readers verison of him. I've seen grown women get into arguments about Ranger :drool and sigh:. He be Da Man.

So, I'm asking those out there what is your most memorable sex scene. What caught your eye? Recommend me anything - from movies, to books, to fanfic.
Bad Day from faula


I had two warts frozen today. One on a fingertip on my right hand and one at the bottom of the little finger on my left. The blisters are huge. I mean, I can't bend the finger on my left hand, or the finger directly next to it. I've seen countries smaller than this blister. I'm not kidding.

The human body is an amzing thing. I've had a huge-arse wart burnt off from the same place as the one on my left hand, and I had forgotten what it was like. If I had remembered this there's no way I would have done this. No, I would have, but I wouldn't have done it to both hands at the same time.

The doctor's in Roxby are...well, the nicest thing to say is that there are doctors in town. Whether you'd trust them with a cold is entirely up to you. For something as simple as wart removal I went to the next nearest doctor an hour away. I'd gone to the Roxby docs about 3 months ago to attempt wart removal, but the doctor couldn't do it. He didn't want to 'touch my lesions since there was no pain.' It took me 15 mintues that day of going "No. Not Lesions. Warts. Everyday, common variety warts. I know they're aren't painful, but they irritate me when I try to use a pen, or open twist top lids." Another friend went for a check-up at 8 months pregnant and she had to tell the Roxby doc how to take a foetal heart-beat as he did not know how. That's something you don't want to hear.

But anyway, I had forgotten how much the freezing hurts. yes, I am a wimp. But because I forgot, I had to drive an hour home with hands that couldn't properly hold the steering wheel. Ever tired to pass a 3-carriage road train with only half a hand holding the wheel? It's a special feeling. I felt like there should be caption somewhere near me "Don't try this at home kids."
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