January 13th, 2004

My Tree thanks to slodwick

Where Do I Come From..?

I was talking to the girls at work the other night about my fingers. My fingers are....awkward at say the least. Well, maybe awkward is the wrong word. I think they're fine, but they freak other people out who aren't used to them. Once I accidently dropped a 12 kilo lead lid on my right hand, and the medical centre at work was freaking out, as they though tI had broken every finger on my right hand. It took a lot of quick talking to convince them that that is how my fingers normally look. They ended up checking out my left hand to compare the digits, and the nurses exclaimed "What on earth have you done to your hands?!?!?!" (Apparently though, I did indeed break one finger - I know this as now when the temperature goes down to a certain degree, it goes numb and tingly.)

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