January 11th, 2004

Panda Kiss

Movie Meme, and other unrelated stuff.

First up, the movie meme everyone seems to be doing. Gacked this from thenightsfall

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It worries me that my parents let me watch all those Monty Python films, and Jaws before I was ten, and I am yet to see Ben Hur and Spartacus. Am also surprised by the amount of violent/horror films I've watched. And very surprised by the amount of cartoons I've seen over the age of 20 - especially since I have no children.

It's freezing here today. Of course, considering before Thursday every day had been 40 Celsius plus (three out of five days were 44 C. That's about 111 Fahrenheit), it's probably normal to be thinking 24 C is the kind of weather you need to start wearing thermal underwear in. So it's probably a beautiful day; I'm just used to sweating in a shower with only the cold water tap turned on.

And to those who remember me talking about that new job, well I took it. I started it on the first. Or perhaps I should say I started getting paid to do that job on the first. I don't actaully start the job until who knows. I asked my boss, and he is unsure of my start date. Sometime in Febuary. Maybe March. Definately by the end of April. So basically I got a pay-rise to stay where I am. Coolness.
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