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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Day 2.
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Today I was the last one on the bus coming home from work, so the bus driver dropped me off at my front door. It always pays to be polite to the bus driver.

I'm going around to visit a friend tomorrow. She had a baby three weeks ago, and I"m finally going to meet the little man. I can't wait to see him; she told me she was pregnant about 5 weeks into the pregnancy so finally getting to give him a hug is going to be wonderful. He's the first "work baby" that counts (one of the male mets has had a couple of kids, but we don't really know his wife. This baby is ours. In a weird 'it takes a village' kind of way.

Chat to you tomorrow.