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Another classic Horoscope of we Piesceans.

Strangeness goes unrewarded. This crowd is more conservative than you expected. As long as nobody is actively seeking to suppress you, you can stand being the oddball for another day.

I know I'm an oddball, so this comes as no surprise to me.

I found out from my cousin Sonia that the night the lovely young drunk boy told me I looked like Liv Tyler (Which just proves how drunk he was.) That not only did lovely drunk boy want to sleep with me, but there were 2 - count 'em - 2 other boys that thought I was very nice, and wanted to sleep with me as well. So after 3 years of nobody being interested in me, on the one night I had three options??? Now - this just makes me laugh until my eyes bleed.

Firstly 'causes I was lookin' a mess that night. I had changed into my pj top, so I wasn't wearing a bra, and had put over the top over my PJ's my 'grandfather cardigan'. And this drove the fella's wild??

Sceondly 'cause I gave up sex for Lent. A lesson for everyone; if you want to have sex, make a pact that you won't have any.

But out of the three fellas, there was one I really enjoyed talking to. Not lovely drunk boy - cause he was too drunk, and I found out the next day he had a girlfriend (not impressed with him there. I wish my cousin had told me on the night; I would have ripped him a new one.). Not Dom, 'cause he was way too drunk. Spewing up all over the place. Yuck. Pete was nice. After everyone went home and I was cleaning up he was sitting in his car waiting to get sober before he drove home. I invited him back in for coffee, and we sat on the front steps for about an hour drinking coffee and talking. Just talking. It was very nice. I didn't find out until the next day that he told my cousin he was keen about me, so I was really just enjoying his company. I wish I had asked for his phone number. He did ask me out for drinks the next time I'm in town, and I said yes to that. I have no idea when I'll be back in Adelaide, but I shall have to see if I can meet him for drinks when I do.

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