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BustAMove 2010
Awesome Gaius
To help raise money for Can Assist we held a dance contest (ala So You Think You Can Dance).

After the first group/welcome to the show dance the Spice Girls were on. I was Scary Spice - had an afro, more leopard print than even possible, even some body paint to take the 'Twilight-ness' off me. We were going great guns; our moves were smooth, and in time and everything. And then we got to the part where left the stage and had a quick dance in the audience.

I fell down the stairs head first.

I didn't even get down any stairs properly before I fell. I went down on one knee, and almost caught myself, and then I rolled head first down the rest of them.

The crowd went a bit silent, and without missing a beat, I jumped up (crowd went wild) and continued the routine. The transition from 'certain fall to my death' to 'the show must go on!' was so smooth people either missed the fall, or thought that I had practised the move and it was part of the act.

I was fine - ankle swelled up and knee hurt like a son of a bitch, but there was no bruising. It was caught on video, and I have given permission for them to send it into Funniest Home Videos. If it gets played, that's an extra 500 dollars for the charity. I'll put the video up once I get copy of it so you can judge my acrobatics for yourself.

Oh - in case you were wondering, we managed to raise 15 thousand dollars.

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LOL! and OUCH! and YAY! You are awesome :-)

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