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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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This will be one of those times where we will say "In retrospect this was a bad idea."
To help raise money for the community radio station, on the 30th October a few of the presenters (possibly myself included) will be spending the night at the station.

Did I mention the station at the moment is in an old convent?

And did I mention that we may have a ghost whom we have named Sister Patricia?*

And there is talk of horror/scary films being shown in the chapel of the convent? (My vote is for The Omen. Watching a movie about the Anti-Christ in an empty chapel the night before Halloween would be terrifying)

I am only a possibility as, quite frankly, I am scared out of my pants just thinking about it. I have said though if I can raise $150 before the night, I'll do it. (The kids I help out are trying to raise $400 to convince me to do it.) I have a feeling that I will be doing this. Friends whom I have mentioned this too think it's a brilliant idea to lock me into an empty convent.

*When we first moved in - during the day light hours - we joked about having a ghost. By the time night fell we had scared ourselves stupid. I now carry rosary beads with me when I go to the station, and I find I have a better time there with fewer on air mistakes if I greet Sister Patricia when I first walk in. There are photos taken where shadows on the walls can be described as a a transparent nun shape.

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That sounds like fun. Scary, but fun.

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