Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

A general mish-mash of things.

Shoulder update -it has not ached for 3 days.
This is the first time since July 6 that it has not ached. This is the first time since July 6 that it hasn't hurt me to wash my hair (Yeah, it's great the physio put a 'nothing above shoulder height' restriction on me at work, but damn there's a thousand things at home that are above shoulder height. Washing hair. Hanging washing out. Combing hair. Putting a jumper/sweater on when it's -3 Celsius outside. Getting things out of the pantry. A good satisfying stretch that involves questinable grunts and groans and sometimes pops and clicks from various body parts. I miss over the head stretching!!!)

General health update - I fell over quite badly twice in three days. Once was at work (A television unit in a meeting room was out of place, and I clipped it when I was walking past it), and they thought I may have sprained my knee, as I needed help getting up. It didn't help that I tried to catch myself and 'surprised' my bad shoulder. The knee I hurt was my left, my bad shoulder is my right. I defy anyone to get up off the floor with those two limbs out of action. The second time I was one my way to a party, and was walking with a friend at night. It's rained a lot here, the ground was soft, and it gave way. Landed on the same knee, but soft ground made it a bit easier.

On the positive - bronchitis is all cleared up.

Went with a friend and saw The Expendables. I am not a big fan of gratuitous violence, but this film was awesome I"m not sure Sly Stallone meant it to be, but it was funny and we laughed all the way through it. We laughed especially hard when limbs and other body parts went flying. There is no plot - I read a review that said "There's a massacre, then another massacre, followed by a car chase, a massacre and then a really big massacre." And I cannot disagree with that. If you've ever enjoyed a 80's or 90's action film you must see this. Go in with low expectations and you won't be disappointed. We went into it thinking it would be the worst movie in the history of this world and others and we were pleasantly and delightedly surprised. (We came out of the movie not knowing any of the characters names, and even while watching it referred to the characters by the actors name. We find ourselves saying "Poor Jet Li" and "I wooda win" a lot now in everyday conversation thanks to this movie.)

I am thinking of getting a house mate. A friend of mine has been living with her parents, and wants to move and I am tossing up whether to ask her if she wants to live here on a three month trial. It would be nice to have someone around. On the other hand, I have lived by myself for 12 years and I"m not sure how I'd go sharing my space. She also has a cat, and I worry that my cats have enough mental problems (Owen is prone to self-mutilate when stressed. Emo cat is emo.) without trying to add another cat into the mix. On the plus, my cats have an interest in my friend, and have been known to even walk up to her for scritches.) I will have to think about it a bit longer. There is another friend - a male one - I have who might work out better. He lives out of town and comes here for work, and as he's does shift work I would only see him 3 or 4 days out of 12. I know his wife and we get along well.

The Australian government is still up in the air. No one is at all surprised that for only the second time ever we have a Hung Parliment. The two main parties are incredibly similiar, and neither had a good platform. They were airy-fairy and promised little to country voters and what was promised was vague and hand-waved. It also doesn't help an ex-Opposition Leader encourage people to donkey vote and about 6 hundred thousand voters did just that.

I went to a 21st last weekend. It was a good party, and then I went to the after-party. I didn't stay too long at the after-party as I was either too sober or too old. People were shaking bottles or passion pop (very cheap alcohol), and popping the cork in the direction of other people and hitting them. I was watching thinking "Someone's gonna lose an eye" and was horrified that I was thinking that so I left while I still had vision. Still, it was a good night out.

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