Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Quick update

I've managed to screw up my right shoulder. We had to do some sampling at work, and even though the guy in charge of the sampling program had talked about fixing the samplers so we didn't have to hold all the weight he didn't. And then to make my life even more awesome he lost our usual timer, and the new timer was so large I needed to use one hand just for that. That was two weeks ago and it's still painful. One the plus side work is paying for the physio treatments, and the physiotherapist would like me to have an ultra-sound to see what exactly has happened to it, as it should have improved by now.

Not happy Jan, not happy at all.

On the other hand, in the last three months I've become involved in helping start up the local community radio station, and am now the trainer and program manager for the station. I had forgotten how much I loved doing community radio, and hopefully I can manage to stay out of the politics of it (doubtful, as the two main gentlemen behind getting it off the ground can't stand each other, and bitch to me about the other all the time) and just have fun playing music.

That makes me happy.

I'm also learning a dance for a Bust A Move night for charity. We're raising money for CanAssist - the last time they did this 2 years ago $14,000 was raised which is awesome for a night that only 300 people attended - and we're doing three shows, so more people can come and see local people on stage making fools of themselves. My group is doing a Spice Girls montage as The Aussie Spice Girls: We have Ranga Spice (Ginger), Sydney Spice (Posh), Cougar Spice (Scary - that's me!), Jail Bait Spice (Baby Spice) and Shazza Spice (Sporty Spice - in the Oz version of kath & kim there was a character called Sharon. Google her - you'll see why she is funny). The performance nights aren't until October, and we've been practicing since March. And we're so uncoordinated we need every second we can get!

That makes me happy, and frustrated, as none of us have a lick of rhythm.

And that's what I've been doing.

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