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My Tree thanks to slodwick
Has anyone out there ever managed to fill out a Prior Notification Form with the FDA. All I'm trying to do is send some friggin Jaffas.And while I'm asking - how come we have to fill out this damn form for store-bought foods, and yet, if I had the cleverness about me to make goodies from scratch I could happily send the food without nary a thought?

thenightsfall would you mind terribly if you recieved irradiated Jaffas in the mail?

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Hon, you can send parcels without the forms up until August. I went to a post office who insisted on doing the form thing so I ran off to a more ignorant/enlightened one instead.

Well, I've filled 'em out now. And they're as painful to fill out as they sound. But if I send anything else before August I'll definately won't fill the suckers out. Thanks for the tip.

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