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Birthday Weekend Celebrations: The first part

I've realised that I forgot to write about the wonderful weekend I had in Melbourne with my friends for my birthday. IT was...fantastic. Weather could have been better - and the weather is best described by this photo:

We went down to the city on the Friday (ya gotta love having every second Friday off. God bless RDO's.), and did a wee bit of shopping. I had told the girls that I wanted to celebrate on Saturday with a bottle of Moet, so I took them into a bottle shop, and found said drink. I grabbed the bottle, and just as I started to get excited that it was so cheap, one of them noticed the cost, and was horrified. It was $75 a bottle, and trust me, that is a very very good price. And as I had planned to buy it, it wasn't going to hurt the hip pocket. It was quite amusing though to hear JL go on and on about the price.

JL is.... okay. The truth is after that weekend I would never ever EVER go away on a girls weekend again with her. She is a very hard person to please, and every plan we made she didn't like. The best way to describe her is that she likes Armani quality, but is only willing to pay Target prices. She complains - a lot - about pretty much everything. We were going down to watch Chris Isaak in concert at a winery on the Sunday, and when we were grabbing tickets, she told us she didn't like his music, thought he was way too country and too old. But, she'd come to the concert anyway. Um, thanks?

Anyway, I"ve gotten ahead of myself. On the Saturday - the day of the anniversary of my birth - we woke to temperatures of 15 degrees C, wind and buckets of rain (see above photo). This was somewhat alarming, as we had tickets that night to see Shakespeare in the Park, which was an outdoor play in the Botanical Garden of "The Taming Of The Shrew". We called the organisers and were told it was still on. We talked about it, and figured that if they said it was still on, it was good enough for us, and we would brave the elements. After an awesomely fancy breakfast, we spent the day walking around the city in our rain jackets and ponchos. I got to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in 7 years (haven't spoken to her in almost that long as well. I have many friends like that. Won't see them/talk to them for ages, and when we catch up it's like no time has past. These people are the best people ever.) and we did some shopping. (Read: people convinced me to buy stuff, purely because it was my birthday.) The rain stopped (YAY!!) and we started to get excited about the play. We went out for dinner - to an Indian/Thai restaurant - and while we were there it started raining again. Got to the Botanic Gardens (because I am an optimist dammit!) and were told it was cancelled.

I was partly glad it had been cancelled, as at this stage I hadn't bought the parka/jacket you see in the photo. I was slightly freezing, but I was willing to deal with the cold to see something as amazing as live Shakespeare. It's been way too long since I had seen something like that live and in person as opposed to on the telly. I must admit though, I hadn't realised how much I was looking forward to it, until it got cancelled. We had known cancellation was always a possibility when we purchased the tickets, but still. It was a bit sad.

However! Due to the fact it was the last night of the season, on the Monday, the organisers rang and said we had a couple of options. We could get a refund, or we could have tickets to next seasons show. I opted for next season (A Midsummer's Night Dream). If we grab tickets for early in the season, if something goes wrong we've got time to get back down to Melbourne to try again. I think A and JL opted for their money back, which is okay. J and I can still go by ourselves. We ended up going to the movies as my birthday treat. (Snarky aside; I didn't get to choose the movie, JL did. I really wanted to stamp my foot like a four year and point out it was my birthday, and I would prefer to see The Watchmen over Confessions Of A Shopaholic, but for the sake of peace I kept my mouth shut.)

Starting a new post here, as this got ridiculously long.
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