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Awesome Gaius
Okay. So over the weekend my parents came to visit. I took them out to the mine to show them where I worked, and I took my safety glasses with me. I was wearing the glasses when I came home. I changed into my everyday glasses. Now I cannot find my safety glasses.

Good people of LiveJournal! I"ve looked everywhere I can think of. Please, some suggestions on where else I should look would be very very handy. I'm serious here people! If you've ever misplaced something, and found it in the oddest spot, now would be the time to speak up! Help me Obi-Wan! You're my only hope!

ETA: I've just looked in the microwave in search of the glasses. This alone should tell you how desperate I am becoming.

ETA the second: Found 'em! They were behind the telephone table underneath the cords. And they're the same colour as the phone cords, which is why they 'weren't there' when I glanced down there the five previous times.

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Found 'em!

Yay! :-) (I have been mentally suffering with you ;-) )

Yay for finding stuff!

The worst part about them being lost, is my parents came for the weekend and my parents are the type that like to 'help' me. So we rearranged furniture. And that's why I couldn't find the glasses; where I normally kept them (on the bakers stand in the hallway) no longer existed (baker's stand has been moved to the garage as it's old and has gotten very bent out of shape moving interstate a couple of times.) And when I rang my mum and dad asking them if they had seen the glasses, I got a lecture on taking care of my stuff. (Which for once was uncalled for, as before this one time I could tell you exactly where they were at all times with the precision of a GPS)

Thank you for the birthday wishes before! I had an awesome weekend and want to write a very very long post on how awesome the concert was.

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