Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Frockin' Up

I'm off to the Bedgerabong Races in about half an hour which should be a fun-filled day. I have been planning to frock up for the event - was just going to wear what I wore to the wedding two weeks ago, but the weather has turned itself on its head.

Seriously, it's going to reach a high of 24 today. If we're lucky. This time last week we were hitting mid to high 40's. A change of 20 degrees C is just ridiculous. However! That will not stop me from frocking up. I am still wearing a hat (YAY! Hats are awesome, and the only reason I go to Picnic Race days. The horses are completely optional if you ask me.), and I dressed in layers.

The big thing about the races is going to happen after. My friends have convinced me to swag it tonight to save me from driving an hour and a half home. Swagging is just like camping with no tent. I am widely known for my "No camping. EVER." stance*, so many many people are filled with glee at the thought of me in a swag on the ground outside. I cannot back down, even though there is a 60% chance of rain today/tonight. It should be fun.

Rest assured there will be photos tomorrow.

*I have a whole speech a reel out whenever someone tries to suggest camping. It involves saying things like "My ancestors worked damned hard to invent things like ceilings, and indoor plumbing and I'll be damned if I belittle their accomplishments by roughing outside when I can be inside out of the weather enjoying 3-ply toilet paper."

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