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Summer 2009
Not good day
Sweet christ on a crutch, wtf is happening in my country??

One state has devastating floods, another is having a mega-bush fire. There is something incredibly wrong with that picture.

So far the bushfire has taken 181 lives with people saying the death toll is definately going to go over 200. It's the biggest disaster we've seen ever. Our largest numbers of deaths outside of wartime. Whole towns have been completely destroyed with some losing 10% of their population. It's just...insane.

I've registered to give blood next week, though by the sound of it every person between the ages of 16 and 70 have done the same thing, and I probably won't get a call back until sometime in the next two or three weeks. (Blood donation enquires have gone from the usual 1500 a month to 13,000 this week.)

I remember the Ash Wednesday fires that happened 20 years ago, and how much they devastated the country, and these ones...these fires are just viscious.

For the past 3 days we've had smoke in the air, which is slightly disturbing. WW is 4 hours from the NSW/Victorian border, but when the sun goes down you can see a glow from the horizon. I cannot even begin to imagine how the people affected by this are going to cope.

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I think in terms of natural disasters, this is Australia's Katrina. Which just stops you in your tracks. It's going to take a very long time before things go back to normal. Most people I know have stopped watching the news - myself included

HUGS. I get that, I really do. What helped me was getting involved in the relief operations. I couldn't physically go to New Orleans to pitch in as a volunteer, but I was able to help with donations to the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations, and help friends gather up food, clothing, toiletries &c for people who had lost everything in the storm. You mentioned giving blood, which is another good thing to do.

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