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Flocking gold
Just a quick note - everything going well.

Last weekend I went to what I am calling the nicest and best wedding I've ever been to. It was also the smallest wedding I've ever been to (26 people, including the bridal party), which may be why it was the nicest. I only knew the bride, groom and two other people, and due to it's size I got to meet everyone who was there. The speeches were lovely - the groom started to talk about why he loved J, and he started to cry, which made me cry and I never cry at weddings.

So anyway, a picture of me all frocked up for the wedding with the bride:

It was a lunchtime garden wedding, which was incredibly hot, and I have no idea how the poor groom and best man coped wearing their suits. I am a HUGE fan of hats/fascinators at weddings, which is why I am wearing one. I think they bring a certain classy feel to the occasion. Hence, whenever there is a wedding, I wear one. (And the older people at weddings always comment on how lovely it is to see a young person in a hat. I win when it comes to impressing mothers-of-the-bride)

The Victorian bush fires are still raging. I'm nowhere near them - we're about 4 hours from the border - thought this morning you can smell the smoke, which is never good.