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Nothing of consequence
Stop! Hammertime!
Just popping in to say "Not dead, just hot." Every year I forget how bloody hot summer is, and that I do not handle summer well. No matter how much sleep I get, I feel tired and worn out for the entire time it's 35+ degrees C.

It's the Australia Day Long Weekend this weekend, and I am spending it giving the house a good clean. I went to the Boxing Day Sales when they were on and I picked up a 9 piece saucepan set for $270. (50% off, these babies are gonna last me my whole life. Also, if my home is ever invaded, I could defend myself with them. They're heavy, and solid.) and I haven't been able to put them away as they don't fit in my cupboards. So, it's a weekend of cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards and rearranging them so everything fits. Then, for the next month or so, I shall be forever moaning about the fact I can't find my plates and coffee mugs.

Going to a wedding next Saturday. IT should be fun, but I must admit to not being a big fan of weddings. I love the ceremony, but I can't stand the reception. Receptions are long and boring. But! We shall see. I'm sure I'll have fun.

And that's that for now.

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Must just totally agree with you on the summer thing. Ugh. I think it's because we probably wake up more than we realise from the heat, so we don't get rest even when we do sleep.

The saucepans sound rather cool if they're that solid :D

The saucepans are very solid. They could be used as deadly weapons in the wrong hands. Luckily, the wrong hands are not mine.

I think with summer this year, we got suckered since it stayed mild for so long. It's only been the last three weeks or so that the heat has hung around all day and night. It also hasn't helped me that most of my jobs at work have been physical outside jobs which are tiring at the best of times. But I totally agree about not sleeping properly. It seems everyone has been waking up tired.

This is very lucky *nods*

I think you're right. It was mild up until after Christmas, really. Oh it was warm but not really hot. And now it's all day and night and just. Ick. That probably doesn't help, though, with work. I've nearly forgotten what it's like not to wake up tired, actually, yeah.

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