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What's on the box
So I spent today - the day I had planned to clean the house and empty all my closets and organise them - watching the entire first season of Eureka on DVD.

I loved the show. Loved the characters (all of them, which is odd for me), loved the stories, loved everything. Was confused by the Australian guy, as his accent sounded South African to me, but that could just be me.

So, since it was fun and clever and I liked it, I have to ask as I'm too scared to check myself. Has it been cancelled?? I've discovered if I like a show that's fun and clever and I like all the characters the show gets canned quicker than dolphin-friendly tuna. Please tell me it's alive and kicking and gets more awesome.

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To my knowledge, Eureka has not been canceled. It is, however, one of those Sci Fi Channel shows that gets aired on a weird schedule like BSG, so who knows when it will be back again.

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