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HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that jazz.

The cocktail party last night was lovely. I live near the football oval, and the town had fireworks last night there, so having the party at my house meant we got two firework displays for free. Fireworks are pretty and you are never too old for enjoy them.

Woke up.....badly this morning. We had 6 different cocktails, and 3 shot drinks which, upon reflection, was not the best idea I've ever had. As I text to a friend this morning 2009 me is very unhappy with 2008 me. 2009 me would have been more sensible. I'm fairly confident that my downfall was the Bloody Mary. Way too much vodka and tomato juice. Of course, of the 6 cocktails, 5 had juice mixed in and only one was pure alcohol. (For the record, that was the Dirty Girl Scout. Vodka, Bailey's Creme de menthe and Kahlua. Very nice.) More than slightly hungover, and so far today all I've eaten is half a large bag of salt and vinegar chips. Which, when you're more than slightly hungover are awesome. I'm hoping to have a proper meal later today, but it all depends on what my stomach wants to do. Which is not much other than lay on the lounge with a blankie watching DVD's.

So, new years resolutions.

The first few of mine are the usual 'improve my life' And the rest of the resolutions should be actually achievable. Fingers crossed I keep 'em. And so I can remember them, here they are:

* Lose weight
* Give up smoking
* Exercise more
* Actually do a monthly letter to all my friends instead of thinking of doing it, and then not
post to livejournal once a week so people know I'm alive
* Don't get arrested (I have this one every year. I don't I do anything I could get arrested for, but I feel it's important to have a resolution that you keep, so at the end of the year you don't feel like a complete failure.)
* Do a budget and stick to it! Very important one if I want to go travelling overseas again.