Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

I am a Lame Ass

I have managed to send out a grand and amazing total of 1 - yes, ONE - Christmas cards. I haven't even put up a tree this year. Did I get picked up by the TARDIS while I was sleeping, and did The Doctor deposit me three weeks into the future? 'Cause last time I checked it was the middle of November.

I'm off to the city this weekend for my brother's birthday so we can have some sibling bonding time, and next week is of course Christmas .

So, this is me begging you all to forgive me for being a lame-ass who didn't send cards. I will try, but with the amount of tiredness I am feeling (today was a quiet day at work. I only walked up and down 8 flights of stairs carrying 3 x 10 Kg buckets. On the plus side, my thighs are looking pretty good) and the amount of days left, I'm not at all confident. I will try. anyone up for an Australia Day cards instead??

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