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I <3 My Brother

Just got off the phone with Mum. She heard from bro last night, and he's having a great time in the US. And! I asked him for a CD from a band you can't get in Oz (and I am too lazy to buy it off Amazon) and he's got it for me. In fact, he got me three CD's from the band. He never gets me stuff. I think being in LA for the Oscars made him a caring person. Yay! He's in Las Vegas at the mo', it sounds like he and his friends are toying with the idea of going to see Wayne Newton. I really hope he does: "Danke Shen" is my bro's trademark karaoke song (What? Doesn't everyone have a trademark karaoke song? Mine, for the record, is "Tainted Love".)

Glad he's having a great time! I have missed talked to him over the phone.

Only 8 more days until the Blink 182 concert. Another Yay!

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