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My Tree thanks to slodwick

Anonymously Famous

Don't Call Me Kevie

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Most Appropriate use of an icon ever.
Remember how I was saying last time that the cats have been bringing me animals??

A live baby duck is in my house.*


It is now hiding behind my tv cabinet. I've called friends; all were useless. I am going to try to the local WIRES branch and see if they can help.

How is this my life??

ETA: Half an hour later the duck has been caught. (I know I shouldn't name a wild animal, but he shall forever be known as Joe Duck Duck. Jonah D Duck when he's in proper society.) The WIRES rep should be here in half and hour to take him off my hands. For the moment he is in a beanie in a shoebox which is sitting on a hot water bottle.

*The boys didn't bring the duck in. He came in all by himself like he was a grown-up. Silly Duck.

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When I found that baby snake on my doorstep back in AZ, I called animal control and was told they didn't handle non-domestic animals so I would have to call one of the many private companies that specialized in snakes, spiders, etc..

Every summer WIRES (or someone like them) have a snake handling course so you know what to do/how to deal with/ who best to call/ how to pick one up without being killed. They hold it every year at work, but I haven't done it. (Mostly because if there is a snake, and you've done the course, you're the one who picks it up. You do get to use a 'snake picker upper' thing though. It's not bare hands.

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