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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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On behalf of Australia
Don't blame me
I meant to do this before, but I forgot until I was watching the original - Australian - version tonight.

Please people of the world, Kath & Kim is hilarious. The original series, that is. Because, for starters, Kim is played by a woman who is in her 40's, and having her wear the three sizes too small Britney Spears couldn't pull off the outfit in her Prime is pure gold. And the jokes are very Australian 'ocker', when told with the correct accent.

The US version...it just doesn't have the right feel about it. It would also help if they had kept the character Sharon. Sharon is AWESOME.

I just wish tv execs wouldn't try and re-invent the wheel all the frickin' time.

That is all. But again, sorry about the show.