Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

That was the week that was

So my friends came over for the second Annual Girls Get-together last week, and it was awesome.

Miss Chris (lives in Adelaide) and Miss Vic (lives in Perth) hopped on planes, and arrived Thursday afternoon, and they went back Monday morning/Tuesday morning. Vic went Monday due to her recently starting a new job, and Miss Chris went Tuesday, like we had originally planned.

It was a great couple of days. We did NOTHING. Sat around, drank coffee, sat around some more, drank Moet, then do change it up we sat around and drank scotch. We caught up on each other's lives, and despite the fact we only catch up once a year - seriously, I only talk to Vic when we're in the planning stages on the weekend, and over the weekend, and then we get too caught up in our everyday lives to talk for the rest of the year - there were no awkward silences or anything.

I had some local friends come over on the Friday night. People worry that I am a hermit, so when I had Chris and Vic coming over, I wanted them to meet my new friends, so they can see that yes, I do get out and meet new people. They all got along great, which was a relief.

We played a lot of Wii - and I am the Guitar Hero MASTER. It's not often I am good at something, so I did enjoy that, and as an added bonus, I wasn't banned from playing it for life like I have been due to the UNO fight of 2003. (Note: never ever call a friend a "f***ing c*** of w****" because they skipped, draw two, draw two, draw four, reverse, reverse, draw two'ed you. They don't like it, even though they found it freaking hilarious that I was so involved with the game)

Things I hated over the weekend. Work. In the space of four days, the four days my friends were in town, I was called by work 6 times. I was not impressed. Not impressed at all. Especially when two of those calls could have been sorted out by anyone else who wasn't on holidays and hadn't been talking about how much they were looking forward to seeing friends they hadn't seen in a year. I shall be having a word with my boss about the lack of trouble-shooting skills the lab people have. I am not on call, I don't get paid for being on call, and I told them to only call me in the lab was on fire. At no stage, was it on fire.

Anyway, moving on.

There is a good chance that this, or next years, will be the final Girl's Get-together. Miss Vic was 6 months pregnant this time around. She is the hardest person to get organised, and to tell the truth we were surprised she rocked up to this one. Considering the bub will be 9 months old this time next year, we can't see her leaving him/her for a weekend and flying interstate to a beach shack where phone service is shaky. But, stranger things have happened.

But yay to friends you don't need to see for a year and the friendship is still as strong as ever!
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