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Good News
Cat attack
Marley had his final FHIV/AIDs test yesterday, and I am somewhat happy to say he does not have it!

The reason I am only somewhat happy instead of being completely estatic is due to the fact that since he does not have Feline HIV the vet is still unsure why his gingervitis is so severe. He's been on daily antibiotics since the 29th Febuary, and he still has traces of it on his gums. However, it is the best it has ever looked, so the vet has decided that we'll stop the antibiotics and see how he goes. If he starts to go off his food, or his breath starts getting rank again, I have to take Marley back to the vet for the next stage. The next stage being Marley goes under anesthetic, the vet takes a scraping of the gingervitis affect gums and he finds out exactly what bacteria is there.

Man, I really hope we don't have to do that.

But anyway; FHIV free cat! No longer having a daily battle to catch the cat and throw a pill down his throat! No longer me fleeing the room due to the antibiotics causing Marley to have excessive and foul wind! (Seriously, if your cat is ever on antibiotics for almost three months, his has the ability take out Ozone layers the size of a Hummer. It's just disgusting.)

I do have to keep an eye on his weight, has he's gained a bit since he's been on the tablets. This is partly because I have been buying his affection back after shoving tablets down his throat.

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Yay! That's most excellent news. :-)

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