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It's my own fault really

In all forms. From doing it with other people*, doing it alone, watching porn, reading porn, and finally reading PWPs. I have rationalised reading and writing slash with 'as long as there is a great deal of plot, it shall be okay.'

And my mind is not impressed. You would not believe the dreams I have been having since Ash Wednesday.
Last night... last night the dream I had was... I cannot even begin to express the wonderfulness of this dream. Just know this -

Jack O'Neill. Daniel Jackson. Black Leather. Big Honkin' Harley. Hand-job on the Interstate going about 90 mph.

Oh dear. I honestly woke up in throes of ectascy. This is going to be a long 40 days.

*Of course, this was made easier by the fact I haven't been in a relationship in three years, and don't do one night stands, but that's not the point. It's the thought that counts

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