Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
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Wonder Woman Lives On!

I was going to write a long and thinky post last week on the photographs that were in the newspaper of an undiscovered tribe on the Brazil/Peru border. But, I got distracted by an 'ultimate' A-Team DVD. (I know, I am easily distracted by shiny things.)

Anyway, did anyone else see/read about the undiscovered tribe? If you didn't, I suggest googling for it. It's an amazing story.I find it utterly fascinating that in today's world it's still possible for not just one entire tribe but a possible 100 - 500 tribes to be roaming the earth without contact with technologically advanced humans. I just... wow.

Two things about this has had my head spinning though. One is serious, the other... not so much.

Thing the First: The gentleman talking about the Undiscovered Tribe in the newspaper is the Expert on Brazilian Undiscovered Tribes.


Not two words you'd see next to each other often, I'd wager. But the article was in places hilarious. The expert was basically saying, "We have no idea what they eat, though when we did a fly over we think we saw a garden of some sorts. We have no idea how they hunt, though they did try to shoot the helicopter down with spears. We have no idea of their culture. We're not even sure how many are they. We just know they are. Maybe."

I could totally be an expert on something undiscovered.

On a serious note, they did the fly-by (and how much do you think that would have freaked the tribes people out??) to ensure that they were still alive. Due to logging and stuff there's a chance they'll one day be murdered/killed by us. (Us being, the rest of the world.) There was a photo of three tribes people, one with his/her skin painted in the most amazing red - experts had no idea why they would paint themselves that colour in a rain forest area, or even what they would use for the dye/paint. And they were all looking at the helicopter, brandishing weapons. Truly freaking amazing.

And the other thing which has been running through my mind ever since, and when I bought it up with a friend she thought I was odd. This is not so serious. The expert mentioned that these tribes can be found (or in this case, left undiscovered. For the good of the tribes. Which I heartily applaud) in remote parts of Brazil, Peru, Indonesia and China. (I may be wrong about Chine though. I know there were four countries he mentioned. The first three are correct. Maybe Malaysia?)

This means, if you're willing to believe like I am, that the story of Wonder Woman is still - slightly - possible.

I really wish I wasn't ending this post on that note, as the real story is just.... wonderful and amazing.
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