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We have a breed for the Elmoe

After googling "Australian pine cone scale lizard", it looks like we have a match for my invader yesterday.

Elmoe is in fact an Eastern Shingleback, from the blue tongue lizard/skink family. The Eastern Shingleback are in fact the largest of the Shinglebacks. (How lucky am I?!?!) And even better than that, shinglebacks are EXTREMELY monogomous and therefore there is a very good chance that its mate is close as well. They breed in the spring. There may be another one laying around in wait with two young'uns ready to pounce.

I may never leave the house again. Which is a shame, as all my work clothes are on the clothes line in the backyard.

On the plus side, he/she/it isn't poisionous, and is mostly a herbivore though they will eat insects and stuff. But still, it's not something I would want to see in my house. Ever. Again.
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