Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

SGA Season 3

I'm not exactly sure what I'm thinking of the show at the mo', though I still like Ronon. He always has more personality than I'm expecting thankd to all the bad portrayals I've read in fanfic of him.

I am missing Teyla, though she is in the eps.

Elizabeth was getting on my nerves in the first two episodes, and I couldn't work out why until Woolsey was leaving, and then it hit me. All her scenes felt exactly like a bad episode of M*A*S*H!! You know those episodes of M*A*S*H where an official would come to visit, as they had heard reports of illegal gambling, drinking and possibly prositiution and Hawkeye and BJ and Potter would act all high and mighty and tell the official that you don't know what fear and pain really is. And then at the show of the episode just as the official was leaving he'd say something along the lines of "even though I was in a POW camp in WW2 and all I had to eat was cockroaches and toenail clippingsand I got beaten with the leg bone of my late commanding officier everyday for 3 years, you were right. You do have it tougher out here. You do what you want, and I shall write a report to cover your arse. You guys are ace."

This is what the whole Elizabeth/Woosley interaction felt like. I thought she acted all high and mighty, and wouldn't try to see what he was trying to do. Admittedly, I am not sure what he was trying to do, but I just didin't like her attitude to the thing.

And seriously - why is she still in charge?? Surely they aren't still pretending that the situation isn't a military one.

And Micheal. Poor, poor Michael. I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to be hoping the bad guys win against the stars of the show, but come on! The guy deserved to live out his days. And what especailly shat me to tears about his story is that he helped them, than asked them to let him live out his days somewhere else, and if they couldn't do that to kill him just please please please don't change him back to human. And they went "Frack you, buddy, We are the American forces, and we shall do what we want. And then we will kill you when we are so far away we cannot see you. Seriously - they could have saved an entire episode and when Ronon came in and Micheal said "Are you my executioner?" Ronon should have gone "Yep", shot him in the head and then we could have moved on.

I would very much like it if the SGA could stop fracking with non-human lives. Right now.

One last thing. Australia is the 52nd state of the USA. I'm fairly certain that if our leader and the US leader believed in same-sex relationships they would be having sleepovers all the time. During APEC our countries signed an aggrement to share weapons and technology. (Really. I didn't make that up.) So, could we pretty please have at least one Australian in the Pegasus galaxy. Wait up - they'd probably make the Australian ultra-cliched. It may be better if there isn't one.

(I feel like I should point out that I am enjoying the show. It's just that the Micheal episodes always shit me with all the stuff they don't do with it. they could have done some great stuff concerning that character.)

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