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Random stuff
Cat attack
In other news, I think my cats have hay fever. Can cats get hay fever?? Either way, both of them - but Marley especially - have crusty eyes. It's not bothering them, though Marely does looked pissed at the world. You know that look where your cat is planning universal domination? He wakes up with that look, and it doesn't leave his face all day, which is most unlike him. Plus, it's been really windy lately, and I've noticed that it seems that when the wind gets to a certain speed Marley refuses to go outside.

I've thought about taking him to the vet, but really, other than crusty eyes and a general pissed-off face he's fine. Eats like a horse, drinks water but not too much, goes to the toilet, loves his pats, hogs the bed. Although with the amount of fur he's shedding since spring is upon us I would not be at all suprised to hear he's got a slight allergy to cat hair.

And the last thing I have to ask - SGA season three box set showed up yesterday. What were people's favourite eps and least fav eps in this season?? Other than the first and last ep, I like to watch box sets of shows in order of worst eps to best.

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My run-down of the season. Because I am a geek.

3x01: "No Man's Land"
Connor Trinneer is back as Michael. John remembers he's a pilot, and a damned good one at that. Teyla is window dressing, Rodney snarks, Ronon shoots things, and Weir grows a spine. Decent enough.

3x02: "Misbegotten"
The episode what made my head explode. The Expedition creates its own version of Abu Ghraib. Weir's spine vanishes again, John suddenly starts acting like wingnut Republican, and Carson needs to die slow and painfully.

3x03: "Irresistible"
An episode based on the premise that date rape is funny. I wish I was kidding.

3x04: "Sateda"
Ronon blows shit up. Then he blows some more shit up. The writers forget that Wraith Hives are ruled by Queens. Not a bad episode if you like first-person shooter type video games, and there's a scene with Teyla and a really emotionally awkward John that is just beautiful.

3x05: "Progeny"
In which the writers are so short of original ideas that they have to steal plots from SG-1. My personal alternate title for this one is "Flogging A Dead Horse."

3x06: "The Real World"
Yet another plot rip-off, this time from Buffy. I never actually watched this one, but the episode was so predictable that I was able to write up an accurate plot synopsis based only on the previews--and called the whole thing, almost scene for scene.

3x07: "Common Ground"
Sheppard is forced to confront his xenophobia.
This episode is made of AWESOME. Another old chestnut of a plot (the enemy of my enemy is my ally) but for once they done GOOD.

3x08: "McKay and Mrs Miller"
In which we meet Rodney's sister, Jeannie, who is played by David Hewlett's real-life sister.
A mixed bag. Parts of this episode are wonderful. Other parts, not so much, because the writers still insist on writing adult characters like high school students.

3x09: "Phantoms"
Creepy good fun, just watch out for the plot holes.

3x10: "The Return, Part 1"
If "Progeny" was flogging a dead horse, "The Return" is reanimating the corpse just so th
ey can shoot it and beat it some more. Some good team stuff, though, and fun guest appearances from Richard Dean Anderson and Robert Picardo.

3x11: "The Return, Part 2"
See: "The Return, Part 1"

3x12: "Echoes"
The return of the whale-like critters from Season 2. Not a bad episode.

3x13 "Irresponsible"
The return of Lucius from "Irresistible" only without the date rape squick. Sort of the SGA take on spaghetti westerns, complete with a gunfighter duel in town square. Not bad at all.

3x14: "Tao of Rodney"
So much love for this episode. SO MUCH LOVE. Rodney discovers an Ancient device that evolves his already powerful brain to new heights. Probably my favorite episode of this season, and one of my all-time favorite episodes, period.

3x15 "The Game"
The Ancients invented The Sims. No, really. Fun stuff.

3x16 "The Ark"
Solid science fiction. That's ... about all I have to say. Could have been a Star Trek episode.

3x17: "Sunday"
Atlantis takes a day off. Bad things happen.
If you ignore the bad science (I mean, seriously, exploding tumors? WTF????) it's actually a very good episode.

3x18: "Submersion"
The expedition discovers an underwater research facility ... and a submerged Hive ship. Good, creepy stuff, and Teyla gets to shine.

3x19 "Vengeance"
*cries* So bad. SO VERY VERY BAD.
To be fair, some people love this episode and say it's an homage to Jim Cameron's ALIENS. I say it's complete crap.

3x20 "First Strike"
Remember the dead horse from "Progeny" and "The Return"? It's baaaaack.

(Deleted and re-posted to fix an unintentionally hysterical typo.)

You are very much spot on with your not-reviews. I have watched the first four eps. I have...wept from bad tv at times. I have also cheered though. So far, the show is on the side of win.

Season 3 is a mixed bag. There's good stuff, as well as utter shite. The good stuff really shines. The bad ... *shudder*

I just put some of my thoughts in my LJ. The problem with the bad stuff is that you can see twenty-thousand ways they could have done it better and made it interesting and thought-provoking. The bad stuff makes me point at the telly and yell "This is why people hate the American forces!!!!" Being white and American does not make them right. I really wish Teyla would punch someone in the head and tell them it STFU as everyone in the galaxy has been dealing with this crap all their lives. They weren't sitting around waiting to be saved.

It's almost enough to make you wish they didn't do good stuff. If there was no good stuff you could stop watching. But you keep watching, hopeful that this ep will be a "good stuff" ep.

*hugs you hard* Yes, yes, and also? YES.

It's almost enough to make you wish they didn't do good stuff. If there was no good stuff you could stop watching. But you keep watching, hopeful that this ep will be a "good stuff" ep.

I almost stopped watching after "Misbegotten", it pissed me off so bad. How, HOW could I root and cheer for these people when they behaved in such a reprehensible manner? But I stuck it out, and it got better.

Season 4 has been pretty good so far. They seem to have actually listened to the fans, and gone back to the kind of epsiodes that made me fall in love with the show in the first place. They also seem to have bowed to the power of McShep, which amuses me to no end.

Thing is, I know Connor will be back as Michael for two epsiodes this season; he mentioned as much on the cruise. But as much as I adore Connor as an actor, and feel for Michael as a character, I am afraid. I am deeply, deeply afraid of what they are going to do with him. He's the character they understand the least, and every epsiode with him in it makes me want to beat the writers about the head and shoulders with a large clue bat.

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