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In other news, I think my cats have hay fever. Can cats get hay fever?? Either way, both of them - but Marley especially - have crusty eyes. It's not bothering them, though Marely does looked pissed at the world. You know that look where your cat is planning universal domination? He wakes up with that look, and it doesn't leave his face all day, which is most unlike him. Plus, it's been really windy lately, and I've noticed that it seems that when the wind gets to a certain speed Marley refuses to go outside.

I've thought about taking him to the vet, but really, other than crusty eyes and a general pissed-off face he's fine. Eats like a horse, drinks water but not too much, goes to the toilet, loves his pats, hogs the bed. Although with the amount of fur he's shedding since spring is upon us I would not be at all suprised to hear he's got a slight allergy to cat hair.

And the last thing I have to ask - SGA season three box set showed up yesterday. What were people's favourite eps and least fav eps in this season?? Other than the first and last ep, I like to watch box sets of shows in order of worst eps to best.
Tags: everydayness, the boys

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