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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Don't Call Me Kevie

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I feel so naughty...
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I am presently upholding the great Aussie tradition of throwing a sickie

And I do feel incredibly guilty over it. Kinda. Sorta. Okay, I do not in any way whatsoever feel any twinges of guilt. Although I have a slight bad niggle over the not feeling guilty, so that should count for something.
And anyway, yesterday my boss took a day off due to being hung-over, so if he says anything to me, I can always throw that one at him. Hah! It's great to have a moral high road to walk down while hitching in the slacker lane.

I just didn't see the point of having to do night shift when all we would be doing is sitting around doing the crossword puzzles out of women's magazines that are so old they have fresh and new gossip over the new man in Lady Di's love life. Well, either that I would have started doing Nutbush City Limits in the hallway at work. (Which I've convinced the others to do before - although the song does get long and tiring when trying to do the kicks with steel-cap boots on. I nearly had a coronary). Honestly, in the interest of safety, my staying at home is the best thing all 'round. One less person to worry about in terms of having an accident due to fatigue. And bad dancing.

Okay, I've managed to talk myself out of all niggles of guilt or feelings of incredible laziness. So what have I done today. Nutin'. Absolutely nutin'. (Say it again!) And I feel pretty darn good about that - another day in my life ... wasted. Coulda helped someone do something, coulda volunteered for something. But no - lazed around. Watched "The Bachelorette" which Imparja is only just getting around to showing. But I feel good about it, as I got cornered by a nun in the supermarket this morning, and I have to help her out tomorrow. I figure any waste or laziness I have done today will be squared away karmically by helping the nun. Life is good.

Actually, now that I realise how little I have done today, I should pull my finger out. Damn! The guilt is back. That, and my bum has gone numb from sitting down for so long.

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LOL! Hey, think of it as a mental health day. We all need 'em!

Love the Buck icon. :-) Ooh, and doesn't he look purty with my guy...

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