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this shit is bananas
This morning when I woke up my water pipes were frozen. I've spent the last five years in the desert. I am not prepared for this, even with all my thermal underwear.

Seriously people who live in snow areas - how you do survive???

Sometimes I really hate the fact my job involves a lot of standing outside playing with water. Then again today I might not be able to play with the water. :crosses fingers:

:Puts on two beanies to walk to the busstop:

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Well, I'm currently living in 90 to 100 degree weather (round about 34 to 38 celsius) without benefit of air conditioning. So snow sounds really great right now. Although, it's not fun when it snows in Seattle. The entire city shuts down. Hills, snow and ice do not mix. Plus very few people know how to drive in the snow here.

However! Snow can be fun. Haven't you always wanted to build a snowman with a funny hat and a corncob pipe? No? Surely you've wanted to build a snow fort and have a snow ball fight. Might make work more interesting.

I went to the snow once on a school trip. (Lordy that makes me feel old.) I loved it, except for all the six year olds kicking my butt on the beginner's slope.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, which should be interesting. Considering where we are, I have a feeling the it's going to be the kind of snow that doesn't last long enough to hit the ground.

There must be some way for us to combine our weather so we have lovely days. There must!

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