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Gacked from declineandfall
I am the Master of the Universe!
Magister Mundi sum!
"I am the Master of the Universe!"
You are full of yourself, but you're so cool you
probably deserve to be. Rock on.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Cool. If only it was true.

Baby bro is as I write on a plane to the US of A. He and a friend are doing a three week road trip. Lucky bastards. I have reminded brother that he shall be away when it is my birthday. Hint, hint, though he probably didn't get it. We're talking about a guy that once asked me want I wanted for Xmas. I sat him down, and said "I really really want Neil Diamond's Hot August Night on CD. That's all I want. That would make my life compete" And do you know what he got me?? A coffee mug with his (my brother) picture on it. And he was drunk in the pic.

And since he's going to be in Las Vegas, I want something of great kitsch. Preferably with sparkles.

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