Erika Sanely (erika_sanely) wrote,
Erika Sanely

Vote or ...Whatever.

When I first turned 18, I was so excited about the idea of voting. Whenever an election was announced, I would check out the policies of the major party, and I would check the preferences of the minor parties, so if I voted for a minor party, I had full knowledge of where my vote would go if they didn't get in.

I took my vote seriously, and while it is compulsory in Australia, I always thought it was a privilege and I shouldn't donkey my vote.

And then Cheryl went feral. It broke me a little bit. I was a democrat since I was able to vote. I liked their ideas, I liked their members, and I liked that they 'kept the bastards honest'. Apparently though, keeping the bastards honest meant keeping other parties leaders sexually satisfied. When Cheryl defected to a different party I started to lose faith in the system.

And ever since then I couldn't give a rats arse. I still turn up and vote, but I don't put the time and energy in like I used to to make sure my vote would make a difference. That saddens me. I wish there was some way to get back the fire that people have about voting. But really, why bother? Can we make a difference? Or are the parties today so similar that it doesn't matter who you vote in? Let's face it, the two major parties in Australia are so similar it's scary. They have exactly the same ideals ... except when they're arguing, and then they're different for the sound bites.

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