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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Do Cats Have A Spine??
My Tree thanks to slodwick
I know in the past that I've accused my boys of being scared of everything, but I've never thought that they were spineless.

I don't even know if that's possible. Half his body is around the other way! I had to wake him up to make sure he hadn't accidently killed himself by breaking his back. (Being woken up should explain the Evil Cat Face of Doom)

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It took me a while to picture the way Spooky was sleeping, and once I did I was very impressed. Cats are just floppy piles of fur.

It always surprises me the positions that I catch the boys in. The places they get themselves into, and out of astound me.

But what really surprises me is that if they can get their bodies into the strangest shapes.....then why do they take up the majority of a queen-sized bed???

why do they take up the majority of a queen-sized bed???

Feline physics is beyond mere human comprehension. Don't even try to understand it. Ezra is tiny compared to the Spookinator, and yet he knows the exact spot to curl up in on my bed so that he takes up the maximum amount of space.

Spooky's current favorite sleeping pose is the Dead Kitty look, in which he lies with his legs dangling limply down so that he looks for all the world like a skinned pelt that's been draped across the back of the couch. He does that in my lap, too, on the rare occasions when I sit at the desk in the office.

Does Spooky do the Dead Kitty Look lying on his back? If he does, I'm sure he and Owen share a brain. Owen loves to do that pose when he's only got just enough body weight on a lounge or table to make sure he won't fall off, for maximum effect

Feline physics is hard. I bet Einstein couldn't even figure it out.

Also? This should amuse you. It's a site run by my dear friend and fellow crazy cat lady christymarx.

I had a quick look at the site, and I am more than amused. The pics are priceless!!!

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