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My Tree thanks to slodwick

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Good Day.
My Tree thanks to slodwick
Today has been a good day. First up, I went down to the court house, found a JP and got him to sign my contract for my new house. So that's back in the mail for my solicitor.

Before that, the boys got taken to the local vet for their annual vaccination. I don't think I've shown you an updated photo of them. I shall rectify that very soon. Getting them into the cat carriers wasn't too stressful on either them or me, which is always a good thing. We got to the vet, and he said the nicest things a cat owner likes to hear.

Firstly, he was impressed by their size. I always worry that they're small, but he says they're not. I think that they're a tad short, but they have long bodies which apparently is a good thing. He asked me what I fed them, and half way through telling him (1/2 cup each of dry in the morning, a scoop of wet food in the evening and to get them back inside I give them 1/4 cup of dry at night) he said I was a responsible cat person, and that they were the correct weight for their size. (He did call them lean, but in a good non-Kate Moss way) Their coats are smooth and silkly, they're teeth are excellent and their paws are great too.

I asked about eggs, because I give them each an egg yolk once a week, and he said that was fine, and to not change what I was feeding them. I mentioned my concerns about Owen's nerves, but he said some cats are just nervous cats, so that's a relief.

But yes; I am doing the right things. Any mental problems they have are not my doing! Yay!!