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I rule over Daleks!
Little Devil
Last night I was playing a computerised version of Monopoly, and I totally kicked butt in it. It was me against 3 of the computer's players, and by the end of the game I owned 21 properties, and all of those either had a hotel or four houses on them, plus all the railroad stations AND about five thousand pounds in the bank. ('Cause if you're gonna play Monopoly, I believe it has to be the British version. I'm Old School like that.)

But that's not why I'm writing. Even though everyone should be impressed by my mad ability to RULE The reason that I'm writing is because the computerised version of the thimble looks freakishly like a Dalek.

Not surprisingly, due to it's Dalekness, the game came down to me (the car) and it. And I must admit that I did feel uncomfortable about kicking it's booty. I feel my win shall come back to haunt me, and there will be no Doctor to save me.

Edited: Because I am a fool who cannot spell. I guess I'll now never see the inside of the TARDIS. :sob: