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Yesterday was Australia day, where we celebrate our freedom to drink cold beer and cook meat on the barbie. (For the record,I have never met a fellow Aussie who throws "shrimp" on the barbie. We may throw some fish on there, but we're primarily a 'red-meat is for outside cooking' kind of country)

Anyway, like last year I was very happy to see a scientist win the Australian of the year. Last year's winner is searching for a vaccine to some sorts of cancer lke cervical. This year's scientist winner is leading the charge in saving the planet and stuff.

Those sorts of people winning national recognition make me proud to me Aussie. I had been afraid that a cricketeer would win this year, since a few of the guys who helpd win the Ashes 5-zip are in the middle of retiring. But, once again, brains have beaten brawn.

But that's not why I'm posting. My grandfather - or rather step-grandfather - was awarded an Order of Australia for his charity work. He helped build a pre-school, and has raised money for returned soldiers and things like that.

As you can imagine, the family is very proud of him. Though my grandmother who is the most horrible person on the planet thinks it's all rot. I'm sure she's just jealous.

But yes; congrats to my mother's step-father. He earned it.
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